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The Solution

The mission of Modul-it™ products is to heat or cool effectively, with minimum energy consumption, all those situations in which the products widely available on the market are ineffective and inefficient.

Thermal Module

The thermal module is an heating or cooling system or a prefabricated floor, platform on wall or ceiling and apply:

  • Heating or cooling in shops, warehouses, workstations;
  • Heating or cooling in offices with a floating floor (raised floor technical);
  • Heating or cooling in dehors;
  • Heating or cooling in industrial halls sports and arenas;
  • Heating or cooling in outdoor markets, newsstand;
  • Heating or cooling in outdoor markets, newsstand, workstations surveillance;


Destratifier Cubo is a heater for heating or cooling of large environments that recovers the heat that is stratified on top. Thereby allowing very high energy savings.

Cubo is used for:
  • Heating or cooling of big stores;
  • Heating or cooling of industrial halls, sports arenas, tendo-structures;
  • Heating or cooling of centers exhibition;
  • Heating or cooling of auditoriums;

Heating cable

The Modul-it™ heating cable at constant power module constant-it consists of resistances in parallel wrapped around two conductors and it’s applied for:

  • Snow clearance and de-icing roofs, gutters, solar panels;
  • De-icing and snow clearance garage ramps, sidewalks, terraces, roads;
  • Antifreeze for anti-fire piping, aqueducts, drains;
  • Pre-heating and temperature control system of piping and containers for viscous fluids;
  • Pre-heating system and temperature-controlled machines and equipment;
  • Electric heating floor, wall or ceiling of civil or industrial environments;


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