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The "thermal module" is the most effective way to create a very comfortable environment in temporary structures such as the dehor. In fact it can be used as floor heating, creating widespread heat on the lower parts of the body (which during winter are the most affected by the cold), but it can also be installed on wall or ceiling. The system can be electric or by water, depending on the needs and the possibilities of realization.

Certainly, compared to traditional systems such as "mushroom" heaters or lamps, as well as superior comfort and homogeneous throughout the environment, also allows lower operating costs. Compared to these systems is also much safer, since there aren’t open flames, combustible gases, hot surfaces and being the degree of protection IP 68.

As for reliability, water system has no moving parts or subject to aging, while the electric one uses an heating element at constant power and resistance in parallel, and being the installed power very oversized, you need to fail more than half resistances of each panel before having a noticeable drop in performance.

Very important is also the ease of assembly and disassembly, due to the extreme lightness of the system, which also allows the installation in just the winter months.

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